Panic! At The Parenthood

I looked over at my daughter and she was beaming. BEAMING. Every song was the greatest song. Every song touched her soul. Every song. And at some point during the concert, at some point it hit me, this was HER band. I was just a visitor.

After years of introducing her to my music: U2, Billy Joel, Coldplay, the Dead and so many more, SHE was introducing Panic! At The Disco to ME. She and 18,000 of her closest friends. I mean, I know the band. I know a bunch of their songs. I loved the concert.

But make no mistake, this band is HERS and I was just visiting.

It might seem minor but it actually hit me in a big way. She is growing into an independent thinker, with independent taste, passionate about what SHE is passionate about. And on one Friday night I was grateful she gave me that glimpse. U2 is my band. Panic is hers. And we can enjoy BOTH.

The passing of the torch occurred somewhere around 10pm when Brendon Urie of Panic At The Disco flew over the arena while playing his piano. It would be a pivotal moment.


About Pete Wilgoren

Author of Dadmissions. Pete Wilgoren is an Emmy winning journalist, blogger, and author writing about parenthood, life, and other stuff
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