Eclipse 2017: A Wish For My Kids

I was just four years old the last time the moon passed across the sun casting a shadow over such a wide section of the United States. It was wintertime in New England and I remember making one of those homemade shoebox view finders to watch the shadow of eclipse. I remember it being rainy and cloudy too. At least that’s what my memories are. Memories have a way of playing tricks on you.

But I didn’t remember until just recently when I saw the video posted online, the words uttered by ABC news anchor Frank Reynolds when he talked about the next total solar eclipse which would take place in 2017. He said, “May the shadow of the moon fall on a world in peace.”

Boy did we mess this one up.

We sit here today looking at one of the most awe inspiring moments in humanity. It is time to take stock of who we are, and who we can become. Truth is, it doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out humanity has a long way to go. We made sure to buy the kids eclipse glasses hoping they’ll get at least a peek of the 60% of the sun which will be blocked in the Los Angeles area. It’s better than nothing.

Like Frank Reynolds in 1979, I have a few words for the next total solar eclipse.

May the kids be in a good place in their lives, strong, confident, and on a good path forward.

May we be enjoying what life has given us and not always chasing what we don’t have.

May the nations of the world find a way to come together instead of always finding a way to tear apart.

Too idealistic? Maybe.
Too simplistic? Maybe.

For me the total solar eclipse will be viewed from the back row of a television control room as we bring our news coverage to the viewers. For a couple of hours, partisan bickering, Washington nonsense, divisive rhetoric, and hate, will be set aside so we can all focus on an incredible moment of wonder, a phenomenon you only get to see a couple of times in your lifetime if you’re lucky.

Consider Eclipse 2017 to be a giant cosmic wishing fountain. Go ahead, throw a coin in, make a wish, and let’s hope for the best. When the next total solar eclipse casts a shadow on the United States, may the shadow of the moon fall on a world in peace.









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Author of Dadmissions. Pete Wilgoren is an Emmy winning journalist, blogger, and author writing about parenthood, life, and other stuff
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