Our Day In The 16th Century: At The Renaissance Pleasure Faire

On a sunny and hot Saturday afternoon in the middle of southern California we stepped back into the 16th century to the world of ladies and lourdes, wenches and whatever guy wenches are called.

This is the part of the blog where I say that dadmissions was given admission for the family to check out the Renaissance Pleasure Faire and to write about our experience for dadmissions.

I grew up in New England and loved the fall when the Renaissance Faire would come to town. We’ve been to THIS one several times in the past when the kids were little, but this was by far the most immersive and enjoyable experience yet. The kids went right for the crafts.

One made a rag doll.


One dipped candles.


There was the dragon braid.

Then there were the rides. Picture what a faire used to look like BEFORE electricity. The hand cranked dragon boat took them high. The man powered giant swing took ’em even higher. Even the tween let out a huge smile and we saluted with a Huzzah!

We ate all sorts of food including my first foray with a scotch egg. It was described to me as an all-in-one sausage and egg McMuffin. And it sort of was. Delicious.


Then there were the shows-
13 stages in all.

This time yours truly became part of the routine with Broon.. a walk the line slightly not PG humorist (and totally Ok with it) and illusionist who ate fire and entertained everyone with card tricks and humor that went over the heads of those who were too young for it. Broon trusted me to throw him an apple while he was juggling a bowling ball and fire sticks. My kids don’t trust me to brush their hair. I nailed it.

We saw the washing well wenches- wicked good risqué business with a side of black teeth, dirty laundry, and even dirtier thoughts. These ladies tour the country making moves on guys in the crowd. It’s funny and flirty and dangerous. Watch out in the first few rows if you dare not cheer too loud- you will be soaked.


Leaving the wenches is when disaster almost struck. We realized our rag doll was missing. Somewhere in the 20 acres of renfair activities we lost the doll our little girl had made. We walked towards the exit and spotted a lost and found. One last hope to prevent tears and tragedy. And unbelievably there are good people in the 16th century because someone turned in her little rag doll and crisis was avoided.

We walked out and snapped a few more pics with the fairies and the many people in costume. I went almost the entire day without checking my emails, without thinking about work, just immersing myself in family and this Renaissance getaway.

Maybe that’s why it’s such a good escape. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire isn’t cheap. It’s around $100 for a family of four to get in.  But there are specials.  Think of it as wayyy cheaper than amusement park prices for a day at a park unlike any other you’ve ever seen. My wife and I did the kids version. But there is plenty of beer and wine and reason to get a babysitter to come alone.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is open Saturdays and Sundays, April 8 through May 21, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. For more info go to: renfair.com

Kid tested. Dadmissions approved.


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One Response to Our Day In The 16th Century: At The Renaissance Pleasure Faire

  1. antoniusrex says:

    As my friend used to say when he was working the faire “Ayyyye! ‘Ow I lurve shoore leaves! It’s naught but T & A!!! TEEF an ANKLES!”

    I’ve been thinking that I might take the family this year…for the first time…and break out my garb.

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