A Note To My Kids On The Eve Of A Historic Election

To my girls on the eve of a historic Election:

For the first time in my life, I really believe we are standing at a crossroads in our country’s history. The nation is so divided. The common ground seemingly so far apart. Each side believing it is on the correct side. Each side convinced the other is so wrong. You and I are here as witnesses to history, as Americans head to the polls on Election Day to decide which way to go.

Remember this:

No matter what happens on Election Day, On Wednesday morning, you’ll still get up and go to school. On Wednesday morning, mom and dad will still get up and go to work. You’ll still play, and learn, and read. Then when the sun sets on Wednesday night, we’ll still be there to tuck you in. You’ll still cuddle up in bed, and snuggle, and dream.  We’ll still love you.  Forever and for always. 

Same. As. Before.

My hope no matter who wins, is for friends to mend those broken fences, for differences to be set aside, for us to move forward even if it takes time. Because on Wednesday, our flag will still be there. We are one nation, and we need to be indivisible. It’s written in to our history as we begin a new chapter.




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4 Responses to A Note To My Kids On The Eve Of A Historic Election

  1. Thank you for these words. They were much needed.

  2. momcavetv says:

    This is a great message.

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  4. Chris @ Dadding Value says:

    I hope that the post-election world has been kinder and more compassionate to you and your family than the pre-election world. Crazy times we live in, but I’ve see a lot of positive attitudes lately…so I’m hopeful for the future!

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