Nirvana Nevermind: an appreciation

It was this week 25 years ago. 25 years. Where did the time go. I was 16. I was in high school still reeling from the death of my father when I heard this new song for the first time. MTV played the video. The dirty gymnasium with the cheerleaders and the janitor. The song was “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and the band was about to change what we thought of music forever. Nirvana tore across the music landscape like a comet. My friend Ben Donovan and I had already started our DJ company in Boston playing music at school dances, proms, parties. I guess you could say we were the outcast DJ’s, a little like Nirvana. We weren’t afraid to play classic rock or disco or whatever people really wanted to hear in addition to top 40. That included Nirvana. The song would be an automatic mosh pit at schools. It blistered through our Peavey speakers and pierced the souls of all those school kids including myself. Somehow it spoke to what we were all going through at the time- adolescent angst. Nirvana became more and more popular. By the time I got in to the WBCN listener line and eventually into the studio as an assistant producer on the afternoon show, Nirvana had graduated to elite status. I’m sure Nik Carter Bill Abbate or Oedipus can confirm we were playing them probably once an hour and oftentimes at the very top of the hour. If you listened to WBCN in the early 90’s, Nevermind was screaming out of your car speakers for sure. And it deserved to. When Kurt Cobain died, I never really thought about the impact that album and that band would have all these years later. It helped shape the last 25 years of music. I’m now married, with kids, living in California. WBCN is no longer. But Nevermind always will be. Which brings me to today, thousands of miles from home, from WBCN, from my dj days at schools and colleges. I went to the back corner of the garage and rummaged through some boxes and there it was. MY copy of Nevermind. THE copy I bought in 1991. You can see the letter P that I put on all my discs to tell them apart when we dj’d and the duct tape I used on the case when the cover broke because we played it so often. I took the disc out and looked at it. I got in the car and popped the disc in. 25 years later, Smells Like Teen Spirit blasted out of my car speakers. It sounded just as good.


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