Dare To Fair: The 2016 LA County Fair

There’s something about a fair: the rides, the crazy food, the smiles, the fun.  Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved going to carnivals and fairs.  Since moving here to Southern California years ago, I’ve marked the change in seasons by the fairs.  The LA County Fair arrives in September with school and football and my birthday.

So this weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to Pomona and the Fairplex to check out this year’s fair.

Full disclosure: since I’m a blogger writing about the fair, they covered admission for four and parking.  That was certainly a big help for any family but there are discounts people can get.  My kids donated canned food one year for our free admission on a weekday.  This year, we planned on getting $50 unlimited ride wristbands for the kids but got there too late in the day for the wristbands.  So I made my biggest purchase of the day: $200 in ride tickets that I split onto four cards for my girls, their friend, and an extra for us.  No one ever said the fair was cheap and rides/games always seem to cost the most.  The kids had a blast on rides which spun, rolled, twisted, and flipped.  I loved just watching them on the rides.  I still got my Tilt A Whirl on.  Love that thing.  Awesome.

As the sun set, it was time for dinner.  Can’t go wrong with the giant turkey legs at the chuck wagon.  They were definitely shareable, massive,  and delish.  We got one of those refillable drinks and refilled it about 50 times with lemonade during the night any time someone was thirsty.   After dinner,  we went over to one of the stands where they fry everything and had deep fried Oreos for dessert.  Actually that was dessert number one.  Because later in the night I had a chocolate gelato Sundae.  Hey, it’s my birthday weekend and it’s the fair and whatever happens at the fair stays at the fair.

We did a TON of walking, made our way slowly around, saw some of the exhibits including the flowers which were beautiful.  We didn’t have tickets to the concert in the grandstand but were close enough to hear every song which was played by country star Lee Brice.

The time went so fast.  Before we knew it, it was after 11pm with the kids and their friend and they had nearly closed out the fair.  Some fair attractions weren’t covered by tickets: we paid extra for our kids to do the euro trampoline jump, and the hamster wheels on the water.  But at the end of the night, they still had some tickets left which was a good thing.  We used them on the fishing game where EVERY player gets a prize.  We started to head toward the exit and grabbed a final corn dog for the walk.  Don’t tell.

In the end, I took out $400 from the ATM for the day and with rides, games, food, and extras, we didn’t use it all.  I came back with money.  So we know the fair isn’t cheap.  But the fair is tradition.  The fair only comes once a year. The fair is family, and memories, and fun, and awesomeness.

Till next year, LA County Fair.








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