A Husband’s Response To The Newlywed Who Took A Vow To Stay HOT For Her Husband

The essay title was staring right at me: “Staying Hot For My Husband is ESSENTIAL To A Successful Marriage”. It was click bait for sure. But I clicked anyway and I read and then I responded as thoughtfully as I could to the newlywed who said she KNEW it was essential to stay hot for her husband until death do they part. Below is a link to her blog and then my response.


Dadmissions response:
I appreciate your comments and although I read till the end, I saw all I really needed to see when you wrote “when we were married a few weeks ago”. My wife and I have known each other 23 years now and I don’t need any hotness vow to know we care for each other and will for a long time. Her hotness reveals itself in the sound of her voice, the gentle hold of her hand, and yes, sometimes in the sundress which can still stop me cold when I glance at her around the room. Her hotness reveals itself in the way she raises our kids and balances a fulltime job at a charter school, and still finds time for me. Her hotness has always been there, blazing when we were younger, still smouldering now, but always there. I appreciate the vow to stay hot for your husband. I hope your husband appreciates that you shouldn’t need to do it.

Note from Dadmissions: the UK Metro which reported on the “hotness vow” included me in their own article on the topic and also included my entire response:

Newlywed thinks staying ‘hot’ for her husband is the key to a happy marriage





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4 Responses to A Husband’s Response To The Newlywed Who Took A Vow To Stay HOT For Her Husband

  1. Love changes as you grow older and the relationship matures. I would hope that this woman and her husband will come to recognize that in time too.

  2. I was pretty hot when I got married also. Glad I didn’t make a vow like that

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