Goodnight Moon: A Father’s Date Night With His Daughter

It was a rare night where mom was away with one daughter so dad decided to do something cool with the other. Hey, it’s not so often this dad gets a father-daughter date night. I wanted to do something memorable.

So we drove the long and winding road up through LA’s Griffith Park and headed to the Griffith Observatory. On this full moon night, high above the city lights, we lined up at the Observatory to get a look through the viewfinder of a telescope that’s been scanning the heavens since the 1930’s.

We stood in line and talked about her finishing elementary school this year. She’s apprehensive. We talked about her time as a big sister. She likes it. We talked about what she might want to do when she grows up. She doesn’t know.

The moon rose higher in the sky as the roof of the Observatory telescope shifted into position. The doors opened and the crowd moved in. We climbed the old stairs of the telescope and one by one we peered through the lense at the heavens, looking at the battle scarred moon, gazing into the stars. My daughter watched the moon and I watched her. We BOTH had a sense of wonderment.

You can’t help but feel so insignificant staring at something thousands of miles away… yet this night was so significant in so many ways. We left the Observatory and went to get pie. Hey, every good date night deserves dessert. She got Key Lime Pie with ice cream. I didn’t know she loved Key Lime so much. But I do now.

We got home for the night and I gazed at my daughter one more time. And I gazed at the moon one more time. And I still had that sense of awe. It was a good night. It was a memorable night.

Goodnight my daughter.

Goodnight moon.



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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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