Check Out The First-Ever Dadly Rally

If you are in Southern California, or need an excellent excuse for a weekend vacation away, I hope you’ll come out and see me at the first-ever Dadly Rally being held March 19th at Cal Poly Pomona’s Kellogg Center in Pomona, CA.

The Dadly Rally is a chance for dads to “raise their dad game” meeting other parents from every cross section of life, learning together, laughing together (and maybe at me), and hopefully becoming better parents in the process.

I’m happy to say they’ve asked me to be one of the facilitators at the Dadly Rally which means I’ll be leading some of the discussions. I guarantee it won’t be boring* (*talk may contain references to the New England Patriots, My Little Pony, and how I once drove Joey Ramone to the airport)

The Dadly Rally has stuff for moms too and features some well known folks including Authors Hogan Hilling and Shawn Fludd, radio host Ally Loprete, and comedians Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, and Chris Mancini. It’s an all day event so grab a babysitter and make it a date. Then go out on a dinner date and a movie with the spouse AFTER and tell the kids how the event went “longer” than expected.. wink wink.

Check out for full details and I hope you’ll share with other parents in your inner circle.

See you there!

Pete, Dadmissions


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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