How Ruffles The Dog Changed Bedtime Forever


It was a story that blossomed under the starry light of the pillow pet, with the kids tucked safely in their beds, warm under the blankets, and slowly drifting off to sleep.

One night Ruffles was born.

I forget exactly how it started. I think the kids named her. What I DO know is that Ruffles is the cutest little dog, in OUR imaginations anyway. She’s very girly, all pink and purple and fashionable. But she’s also very much like my girls, fierce, independent, caring, and compassionate. Yes, she’s named after potato chips too. Actually she’s named after my daughter’s favorite kind of potato chips. And so this unlikely heroine for a children’s story, named after a salty snack, slowly took shape over the weeks, and then months, one adventure and then another, and then another.

Her adventures started on a little street in Southern California with trips to the library and the ice cream shop but soon Ruffles went too see the world. She took off to Paris, toured the Eiffel Tower and got a bit part in a movie which ended up turning into a starring role “Le Ruffalo and Le Gruffalo”. She came back to the states as a movie star.

Ruffles bought a new car and learned to drive even though she’s just a dog.. since she loves to read she used all her library books stacked up on the seat to be able to see above the steering wheel.

She’s been to all the local theme parks… and the county fair… sneaking on the rides even when the rules clearly say no one under 48 inches (or dogs) allowed.

Ruffles had a wild Thanksgiving where she was transported back to Plymouth Rock in the Delorean from Back To The Future. She sat down and broke bread with the Pilgrims and the native Americans and had our holiday favorites for dinner.

In the most amazing of moments, Santa needed Rudolph to guide the sleigh one foggy Christmas Eve, but Rudolph was out of town, so Santa deputized Ruffles for the night and gave HER magical flying powers instead.

Ruffles has been on so many adventures I’ve actually forgotten… but my kids haven’t. Today, I asked them what other trips she’s been on with us and they were quick to remind me about them including one where she took her friends to Egypt and had a magical conversation with the Sphinx… that was fun.

Along the way Ruffles has picked up all sorts of friends, her own Entourage including other dogs, my daughters, and a nose.. yep just a nose that walks around sniffling all the time. Hey, when you make up the stories you can do whatever you want.

And Ruffles has discovered one more thing too. She loves chocolate covered potato chips, LOVES them, and loves telling people about them. Heck, her name is Ruffles.

No matter how bizarre the adventures, no matter where Ruffles goes, she is always close to the hearts of my two girls. What started as a random thought during one bedtime has now turned into the epic series of their childhood with the kids saying, “tell us a Ruffles story.” And now, at least once a week, they get tucked into bed, under the blankets, by the starry light of the pillow pet, and a new Ruffles adventure is born.

*the dog pictured is our dog cupcake who helped inspire Ruffles I’m sure


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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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3 Responses to How Ruffles The Dog Changed Bedtime Forever

  1. Lovely, but apt to cause jealousy if shared with Li’l D, whose recurring bedtme story character is Doug the Superhero Snail. 🙂

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