Holidays 1978: The Instamatic Photo


If a picture is worth a thousand words then THIS is my holiday picture. I look at it and I’m immediately taken back to my childhood. I’m immediately taken back to the holidays at 6 Leo Road in Sharon, Massachusetts. I’m immediately taken back to the way things were, a long time ago.

I’m probably three years old in that picture. Dear god, check out that shag carpet. I remember playing on that carpet and running around in my footie pajamas (we called them bunny suits back then). That carpet was wall to wall in our house, you couldn’t escape it, only the kitchen linoleum was spared. I remember driving my Matchbox cars on the floor and making little roads by plowing down the pieces of carpet. I remember falling asleep on the floor in the living room after a sleepover at my friend’s house. That carpet was SO 1970’s. I loved it.

Now check me out.. the cute kid with the curls. Look what I’m chewing on. Yep, that’s a candy cigarette, back when they were still OK. I loved those things. Remember the ones that would blow a little powder out of the end? You can see a few extra packs of candy cigarettes there on the floor. Oh and the doll on the floor? That’s a Ronald McDonald doll I’d been given as a gift that holiday season. Yes, my parents gave me candy cigarettes and a fast food mascot. Hey, it was the 70’s.

Keep looking. That other set of legs belongs to my dad. He’s sitting on the faux leather couch with big brass strips. Check out his PJ’s, those socks, and those slippers. We all used to have those slippers… with the leather on the outside and the phony fur on the inside. I’m sure we were all in our pajamas early one morning as my sister and I opened our gifts.

The photo itself? No question it was shot with our Kodak instamatic.. the one with the flash bar which went on top. You only got six flashes so you better have made them count. The pics would spit out like a Polaroid and within thirty seconds a happy family memory was made forever. In this case, I’m still staring at that pic, like a time capsule of our family, a time capsule of the holidays on Leo Road. I’m still discovering new things all these years later. What’s YOUR holiday photo worth a thousand words…

Happy holidays to you!


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One Response to Holidays 1978: The Instamatic Photo

  1. It really does have that 70’s look. I have a pic from that time period and looking at it makes me laugh. Seriously – the clothes we were wearing – what were we thinking? I’ve asked my mother how she could dress us like that?

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