Thanks For All I’ve Been Given


I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving a little but differently this year. Sure, Thanksgiving is about “giving thanks” grateful for what we all have. But what if Thanksgiving isn’t just a giving of thanks, but rather a thank you for people who have given YOU so much. Thank you for “giving”. So I started to compile my list… my thank you’s for the things I’ve been given.

I’m thankful for my wife for giving me companionship, and love, and understanding, and friendship, and strength, and a shoulder to lean on during the ups and downs of any marriage, and for giving me two incredible children. I’m thankful for all that.

I’m thankful for my girls for giving me purpose, and love, and hugs, and giggles, and tickles, and cuddles, and school projects, lots of school projects, and stuff from Color Me Mine, pottery enough to open our own shop, and even gray hair, all that gray hair. I’m thankful for all that.

I’m thankful for my home, all 995 square feet of it, for giving me warmth, and a roof, and a place to call my own… even with those drafty old windows, and the leaning wooden fence in back, like George Bailey in “Its A Wonderful Life” yelling “Merry Christmas you wonderful old building!” I’m thankful for all that.

I’m thankful for my coworkers for giving me their best, and their determination, and their creativity, and their time, even when we’re all busy, and running, and on a deadline, that never-ending deadline, in a field that is often demanding and without thanks. I’m thankful for all that.

I’m thankful for my sister in town for the holiday, for coffee every single day, oh sweet coffee, for M&M’s, for football, for our dog, for weight losses on the scale, no matter how small, for movie theater popcorn, for Fridays, for vacations, for special events, for celebrations, for holidays like Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for all that.

And I’m thankful for the people not at my table this year, people who passed on, too many to name, but they know who they are, for giving me memories that will last this lifetime and many others. I’m thankful for all that too.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for, things given to me, I bet you do too.

Happy Thanksgiving


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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