I Rigged a BINGO Game So a 2nd Grader Would Lose

I volunteered at my kid’s 2nd grade school party… how awesome to be able to spend some quality time in the classroom. The teacher nominated me as the bingo guy and kids rotated through in groups playing bingo as I shouted out clues. One snotty girl– we’ve all seen these kids– comes up and right away says “I ALWAYS win at bingo… NO ONE can beat me”.. oh hi there… have a seat lets all play.

I start calling out bingo clues… of course… snotty girl is knocking down spots left and right with the lucky bingo card she picked and she says again “I TOLD you… I ALWAYS win at bingo..” The other kids looked defeated and dejected. She only needed one more clue to win, “little miss smug” I thought to myself. Then I happened to see what she was waiting for and it happened to be my NEXT clue… until I may or may not have buried it at the BOTTOM of the pile… she never won… well every other kid in the group won first let’s put it THAT way… and then they all got a prize because it’s 2nd grade.

On this day she didn’t “always” win. Now if anyone at the school ever asks me.. this story didn’t happen… I’d NEVER try and teach some other parent’s kid a lesson like that… never.. BINGO.

I posted this story on Facebook and was met with all sorts of comments. Many folks called me a hero and gave me an AMEN…

Jayme said: If you’d have done this to one of my kids and I found out I’d SHAKE YOUR HAND!!!

Sandy had this to say: Awesome!!! I am Guilty of the same thing!!

and Karla told me: Kids need to learn how to win or lose with grace. High five dad

others… well they weren’t so nice.

Ann said: What if bingo is the only thing this little girl feels she’s truly good at? What if bingo is her moment to shine? What if on bingo day she is full of self confidence? What if she’s just excited and not meaning to come across as snotty? You chose to take away her natural luck, by cheating.

Kimberly said: Sorry, I can’t jump on this bandwagon. You’re just a cheater. She did win.

and Casey stuck the dagger in with this one: kids who are usually really braggy or show-off-y are usually the ones who have pretty sad home lives and dont seem to get a lot of attention.

Translation: Maybe I messed up. Or did I. We were all pretty split. Was I a renegade dad on a mission to make bingo fair for everyone… or did I douse the ONE thing one little girl could have been proud about the whole day. I still don’t know. But as usual… the kids always end up teaching ME the biggest lessons of all.

What do YOU think… was I a hero or a chump… or somewhere in between…



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One Response to I Rigged a BINGO Game So a 2nd Grader Would Lose

  1. I would just say … I am not concerned, apart from by HOW VERY IMPORTANT this standalone evening event was treated by some! Small fish, this. Small fish. 🙂

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