Dadmissions: Why My Kids Were Late For School

It started out as a simple Facebook post… which has now been seen by nearly 100,000 people… I’m really overwhelmed by the reaction… I guess everyone just needs some nice news once in a while… so now I’m sharing it here with you. dadmissions

To whom it may concern:

I’m sorry the kids were late for school today but I wanted to tell you why. You see, we enjoyed a great breakfast this morning. So good. But at the end of the meal we had so much left. We asked for a takeout container. Carefully, they packed an omelet, toast, and some fresh fruit inside, along with silverware and a napkin. We just had to take this stuff with us. Then we left for school… but we passed right by the road to the school and kept on driving. We went to the neighboring town and sure enough there he was. There’s a guy who lives out of his car just blocks from manicured lawns of suburbia but a lifetime away. I’ve seen him many times… always with a kind look on his face. He’s not getting around so easy now… I can tell his leg has been hurt. We pull up alongside. He knows we’re there but can hardly turn his head to the side with a leg that doesn’t want to move. “The kids and I thought you could use breakfast.” “Oh my thank you buddy”. “There’s an omelet and some fruit.. and some toast with jelly… actually a couple of jellies because my 7 year old wanted you to be able to choose what you’d like”. He put the meal down on his backpack and opened it up… and thanked us again. I got back in the car with the kids… and we went off to school. We got to school and we were the LAST car to arrive. All the other kids were inside at the assembly already. The yard monitor yelled “hurry girls you’re late”. I gave them hugs and a “love you”. Yes they were late today but I wanted to tell you why. I had breakfast with my girls… and a friend. That’s why.


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  1. jdawgswords says:

    Reblogged this on Jdawgswords and commented:
    i have it hard but reminders like this keep me in check

  2. Awesome! Thank you for this inspiration!

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