“I’m a Suburban Mom, I Don’t HAVE Any Street Cred”

It started out as a simple enough conversation with the wife talking about the kids:

her “she was invited to a DMX birthday party”
me “the rapper?”
her “the bikes”
me “BMX?”
her “yeh those”
me “there goes your street cred”
her “I’m a suburban mom… I don’t have any street cred”

She was being snarky but I knew right away what she was talking about. With kids who are now 10 and 7, with homework, and PTA forms, with school plays, band practice, and after-school activities, there is no question we are FIRMLY entrenched in parenthood. And there’s no turning back now.

Yet still I wonder, is it really true? Did I give up my young man, quasi-hip, music-loving, concert-going, Nicholas Cage looking former self in exchange for a role in suburban parent magazine.. Did my wife give up her hippie-chick, sundress loving, Birkenstock wearing, wine drinking, footloose and fancy free gal I fell in love with…

Did all of us parents lose our street cred???

I might not be as hip as I used to be… but now I know Taylor and Katie, and Maroon 5 and that annoying “Cheerleader” song.

I might not be as hip as I used to be but now I know Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest.. ((or is that already dating myself))

I might not be as hip as I used to be but now I know every single aspect of common core, awww hell who am I kidding, no I don’t.

Truth is: all of us have more cred now in departments we never thought we’d have:

changing a sick and disgusting diaper with one hand while holding your kid back with the other… and finding a mystery third hand to grab the wipes…

muting the phone during a work call to referee an argument with the kids and then returning to the call uninterrupted…

using reverse mom and dad Jedi mind control to talk your kids OUT of something and having them think it’s THEIR idea in the end…

nurturing their loves, consoling their losses, encouraging their interests, paving the way for their success…

We didn’t lose our street cred… maybe we’re just expanding on what we already know. And yes, the kids are forcing us to stay on our game. Pesky kids. They’re growing up and learning. So we’re growing up and learning. We just don’t get recess and snacks anymore. But we DO call the shots and make the rules and get to stay up late except when we just want to nap and go to bed early.

DMX or BMX… it really doesn’t matter. When it comes to street cred… we still have it… all of us parents… even in the suburbs…


Do you still have YOUR street cred? Find me on Facebook at dadmissions


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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