We Used “The Good Stuff” (and it WASN’T a special occasion)

When my wife and I were engaged, we did like many people and went around the stores filling out our wedding registry. One of the biggest and most expensive items we picked out was the china. It was a beautiful Lenox set, the plates with a subtle white design and a platinum rim around the edges. My late mother and other family members helped complete most of our china set over several years, down to the gravy boat and sugar bowl. I remember the first time we used those plates. It felt like we were grown ups for the very first time. We were using “the good stuff”… for a holiday… or for company. The good stuff meant we better not drop it… or chip it. But more importantly, the good stuff meant it was a special occasion. The good stuff meant memories were being made. The good stuff meant it was a special and important time.

I thought about this today when I got around to washing the weekend dishes on a Monday morning. It was during the task of scraping dried sunny side egg off my kid’s plate when I realized all of a sudden we had used “the good stuff”. I mean somewhere I knew it… I was the one who had served breakfast and picked out the plates. But it wasn’t a holiday this weekend. It wasn’t a special occasion. It was just an average Sunday morning breakfast with the family. That was it.

And then it clicked.
That WAS the good stuff.

Why wait for holidays and special occasions. We get just a handful of those a year. The good stuff is really the stuff in between. The good stuff IS the average Sunday breakfast with the family. The good stuff IS sitting down to a rare dinner with everyone when I work nights. Every average day IS the good stuff even if you need to scrape sunny side egg off your kid’s plate afterwards.

So why wait to use the china. Use the good stuff… and save the other stuff for the rest of the time.



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