Falling In Love With The Kids (All Over Again)

It happened after a long weekend of running around: buying school supplies, doing the grocery shopping, cleaning up at home. It happened after a long weekend of the normal parent struggles we ALL have: getting the kids to listen, to help out, to be good siblings with each other. It happened on a Sunday night when even the best of us can be worn out by the weekend, worn out by the schedules, worn out by the challenges, ready to curl up in bed and surrender. That’s when it happened.

I fell in love with my kids all over again.

We sat down for dinner. When you work the nightshift, these opportunities are few and far between. So the wife and I sat down but this time we were immediately presented with a hand made menu. I didn’t even see the kids working on it. It was a menu for their restaurant “the hug cafe”. It was fine dining in the living room. On the menu: salad, rotisserie chicken, things we bought at the grocery store just hours before. Everything on the menu had a price.. not money.. but a hug total attached. Chicken was ten hugs. Salad was six hugs. So were the drinks. The salad and chicken was served first by the kids. The salad was slathered in dressing. The wine was served with a bendy straw. It was awesome. I gave my first batch of hugs. They were hugs well spent. As we all ate, we talked about our favorite parts of the weekend. I was living mine right there. This was it. We ate and talked and enjoyed each other’s company. Dessert was rainbow sherbet… four scoops for dad… another ten hugs… more hugs well spent.

The kids took an average meal and made it something I won’t soon forget. Let’s face it, we ALL love our kids. But sometimes it’s nice to get a little reminder WHY. On a random Sunday night, the hug cafe was born, and I fell in love with my kids all over again.



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One Response to Falling In Love With The Kids (All Over Again)

  1. jdawgswords says:

    awwww…this is so precious!!!!

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