40 Things To Do Before I’m 40: 7-of-40: Water Aerobics

With the graceful nature of a big rig, and the elegant footwork of a stampeding elephant, I slowly entered the Olympic sized pool. Even in four feet of water, it was clear I was going to be in wayyyyy over my head.


I was the one who made up the 40 before 40 challenge and suddenly I regretted it. It was all about getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things before my 40th birthday. I’ve already tackled Pilates, The Grand Canyon, and soup made of animal intestines… but I can barely swim laps… never mind do hardcore water aerobics. Well, here goes nothing (except any shred of pride I had left).

OK maybe it’s not hard core. It’s the YMCA on a Wednesday and the median age of the people in the pool is 78 (I cut the median age in half). But these were hardcore seniors and I have no doubt they could break their hip trying to break my hip. So I entered a class of nearly all women… who all looked like my nana except they didn’t bring her famous peanut butter cookies. Here goes nothing.

I was immediately pushed to the shallow side… clearly I didn’t have any senior seniority. The first exercises had me thinking right away of Cocoon when they discover the pool and this new fountain of youth. We bounced around doing stretches and then jogs and then more stretches. Then we brought weights into the pool and started doing thrusts and butterflies.


Our teacher Amanda was the drill sergeant with the sweet smile. She kept pushing us and pushing us. These ladies are tough. My arms started to tire out but my resolve was strong. As the class went on I actually got more energy. More thrusts, more weights, more balancing. More energy. Maybe the cocoon water aerobics really WAS working. More thrusts, more weights, more balancing. More energy. And so it went. We did an entire hour of water aerobics and at the end of it I felt rejuvenated… reinvigorated… and relaxed. I didn’t get beamed up by an alien but I definitely tried something new.

And all I could remember at the end of it was that first night in Cocoon. Remember when the guys got ALL that energy and didn’t know what to do with it?? Honey I’ll see you at home tonight. Hey I found the fountain of youth… at least for tonight.


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thanks to Amanda and the South Pasadena YMCA!


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