40 Things To Do Before I’m 40: 2-of-40 A Pilates Class

When I decided to accomplish 40 new things before I turn 40… I had a simple goal… get out of my comfort zone. Today I got WAYY out of my comfort zone … signing up to take a Pilates class for the very first time.


I quickly learned the basic materials needed for Pilates are a mat… a ball… a steering wheel type thing… and a huge rubber band. Oh baby. I lucked out. This is gonna be easy. Bamm. Then the teacher started the class. Bammmmmmm.

Pilates is basically core strength training using ancient breathing techniques and a bunch of muscles you didn’t know you had. Throughout the course of the hour they start with easy stuff to lull you into a sense of security and then unload the tough stuff when you least expect it bringing your mind and your body into complete submission.

I had an overwhelming fear the entire time that one wrong stretch would lead to a fart I couldn’t control. I had a couple of very close calls almost smacking my neighbor with an errant arm or foot. And by the end of the hour I was humbled by the people 20 years older than me who breezed through the class while I wheezed through the class.


But I made it. And I felt like I accomplished something. I began to learn how to find my center. I learned how to use the ball and the circle and the rubber bands to stretch my body and maybe my mind too. I left class with a little more zen and the sudden urge to go to Whole Foods for quinoa and a carrot juice. Actually that part didn’t happen but the rest did. I really left class and got a coffee at Starbucks while my muscles suddenly tightened up in line like a pretzel.

Holy crap. This guy did a Pilates class and went way out of his comfort zone. And I just might do it again next week.


Thanks to Mission Street Yoga in South Pasadena Ca for putting up with me.



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4 Responses to 40 Things To Do Before I’m 40: 2-of-40 A Pilates Class

  1. rosa ayala says:

    Congratulations¡, Thats very good for your body and your future health. Go on¡ Don´t give up.

  2. Neil says:

    That is great, and definitely more than I would have done. I can’t wait to see the other 38 items on this list!

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