“Inside Out” Turned Me Inside Out

Spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen “inside out” stop reading here.. come back when you’ve seen it… stop… stop I say… don’t read any more… don’t do it. There. Now for everyone else who saw the movie…

I watched “Inside Out” with my wife and my kids. I expected what I expect from any animated movie.. Aa few funny lines, some fart jokes, some animal noises. What I got was something much more.

As I watched the movie unfold, as the scenes of Riley’s childhood played out, I felt tears underneath my 3D glasses. I don’t cry. I passed it off that my eye was itching. I felt more tears. I don’t cry. I kept rubbing my eye. I won’t cry. I couldn’t do it anymore. Aww hell. In the back row of a movie filled with tons of kids and their parents I had a good little cry during a kids animated movie. And I wasn’t alone.

I guess it’s just that her childhood could have easily been MY childhood or my kids’ childhood. As the images passed of ice skating, and laughter, and moments etched in time with her family, moments gone so quickly into the memory bank, I felt more tears. We all want the best for our kids, we all want them to have a happy childhood and happy memories and the idea that our decisions can have such far reaching, life changing consequences is a mind boggler.

For us, maybe it’s all the more pivotal because we’ve been talking about making a possible move. We’ve talked about what it might do to the kids. We’ve heard them say their friends are here, their school is here, their story is here, their FAMILY is here, our FAMILY is here.

I came out of the movie and we all talked about the lessons left behind in the last 90 minutes. We came to the conclusion with the kids that sometimes you just need a good cry. Sometimes you need to remember with sadness and nostalgia.. the memories left behind.. the first steps.. the first words.. the dances in the living room.. the tickle attacks on the bed.. the nighttime stories.. the off key lullabies.. the birthdays.. the vacations.. the hugs.. the kisses.. the lines left on the closet door to mark each new year.. the years which can’t ever be rewritten and can only be remembered.

Sometimes you need to remember.. sometimes you just need to have a good little cry.. Inside Out made me do that. and then you thank your lucky stars for where you are, and what you have, and you move on.



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6 Responses to “Inside Out” Turned Me Inside Out

  1. OK, I stopped at the spoiler. Some friends are visiting from oregon and we’re planning on watching this tonight. I’m feeling a bit more excited based on what I did see here before heeding your admonition. 🙂

  2. Dude, I knew when i saw the previews I was going to lose it in the theater. Definitely a good movie and a great way to open up conversation with your children about emotions that we don’t want to deal with like sadness. I wont spoil anything here but I’ll just say this: Farewell Bing Bong.

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