Mother’s Day: Why I’m A Hypocrite

I hate Mother’s Day. There I said it. I hate Father’s Day too for that matter. I hate them because they reduce to one day the sacrifices each of us makes the entire year. One stupid day. 51 weeks a year we are busting our butts to make our marriages and our families work. Then for one week prior to the big day comes a flood of flower and jewelry commercials, a deluge of brunch and dinner reservations, an onslaught of guilt-inducing and emotional messages to call your mom or pamper your spouses. And we panic.

This weekend kids everywhere will be on their best behavior. This weekend husbands everywhere will be on their best behavior. Me included. I won’t nag my wife. I won’t give her the puppy dog eyes (well maybe). I’ll yield the TV remote and give her a great glass of wine to enjoy. I’ll let her sleep in… maybe make breakfast in bed or take the kids to the park so she can have some well-deserved time to herself. I might even fold the laundry. I’ll try to be the perfect Stepford husband. Then Monday will come around and I’ll be back to the way I usually am. Hell you can’t expect me to be perfect for the entire year.. right? Prince Charming for a day or two yes. But honey this carriage has a time limit and the clock is ticking. I’m a total hypocrite and I admit it.

I guess my point is… why not spread this out throughout the entire year. One day to celebrate moms is cheating moms out of the work they do the REST of the year. If moms mean so much to us then we should show them.. EVERY day. If dads mean so much to us then we should show them EVERY day. If our wives and husbands mean so much to us… then let’s show them… each day of the year. I don’t need a stinkin’ card mass produced in some factory by a brainiac think team who sits in a conference room debating quippy quotes and perfect messages. PS: they’re usually not that funny.

In the meantime, here I am panicking about what to get my wife because I know Mother’s Day is this weekend and I know she deserves something really special. Maybe I should have put in more effort the REST of the year and I wouldn’t feel the pressure to be cramming for the big test now.



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4 Responses to Mother’s Day: Why I’m A Hypocrite

  1. garym6059 says:

    I’m not a big fan of either of those holidays either, but I really hate Valentine’s Day. I agree with you it cheapens the rest of the year to me.

  2. Laurie Free says:

    my mom.was nuts & etcetc etcetc . I get it. I used to ask to be alone on moms day…I’ve grown a lil emotionally and mingle with my fams,,but i also dislike societal pressure of holidays having to be like a met gala ball.

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