How My Wife & Kids Use Mind Control On Me

The morning started with the “doe eyes”… the “puppy dog” eyes… the “dadddyyyyyyy” eyes. My daughter gave me the look, the irresistible look, the unavoidable look, the “I’ve got you wrapped around my finger look”. She wanted new shoes. And she was pulling out the one trick that she knew would work.. the eyes.

I’ve seen those eyes for years. You see, my wife perfected the eyes and the little eye flutter. The “please” the “pretty please” the “I know you love me and would do anything for me” eyes. And she’s used them over the years like a silent assassin, a highly successful mind control, which kills my reasoning and my “no reflex”. You know the “no reflex”? You immediately say “no” before they can even get out what they wanted. So my wife perfected the “eyes” and it just kills the reflex. And like a finely trained machine she has taught my two girls… the eyes. They will grow to be their most powerful weapon.

Back to the story today. So I got the eyes. They killed my “no” reflex. We went shoe shopping. My kid tried on one shoe. My kid tried on two shoes. My kid tried red shoes. My kid tried on blue shoes. My kid tried on a few shoes. She couldn’t decide what she wanted. They were all so pretty. Shoes have their own way of killing the part of the brain that controls reasoning in my wife and girls. And today was no exception. I recognized it. She was falling victim. Quick. I tried to pull her out of the situation. I tried to snap her back to reality. And in that moment… in that very moment… with a pile of shoes in her hand… she gave me the eyes… the “doe eyes”… the “puppy dog eyes”… the pleasseeee daddy eyes. Crap.

The silent assassin slayed my “no reflex”.

She asked for new shoes.
We walked out with three pairs.



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8 Responses to How My Wife & Kids Use Mind Control On Me

  1. garym6059 says:

    It’s the “secret” weapon little girls have. It’s cruel and we have no comeback for it other than reaching for our wallet. I wouldn’t change it for anything though.

  2. jdawgswords says:

    Reblogged this on Jdawgswords's Blog and commented:
    ain’t every REAL daddy got this “problem”? if I had kids they’d be spoiled and the whole world wouldscron me…by my “spoiled kids” would be my blessing to the world…they would be smart and independent…and they’d have all the shoes they’d want…

  3. My daughter has always used her look on me, with a 98% effective rate. Sigh.

  4. onegidigirl says:

    now i miss my dad

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