A Guy’s Take On The Cindy Crawford Photo

I know what you might be thinking. What right does a guy have to be writing about Cindy Crawford’s picture anyway. I haven’t given birth. I certainly haven’t carried a child around in my stomach for months. None of us men have been through what a woman endures.. from home to work.. to the unattainable beauty standards laid out in society. But I do have a wife and two daughters. Those daughters are growing up in the world and I try to stress to them all the time that beauty goes further than the camera lense could ever see.

Which is why I’m so conflicted with the photo of an unretouched Cindy Crawford.

It’s not that the photo isn’t an empowering example that women can look beautiful WITHOUT photo retouching.. because you absolutely can and do. Women every day are seen in their most perfect form… just being you- mother, wife, friend, companion, career woman, stay at home mom.. ALL the hats you wear.

What’s annoying to me is the bravos all around for Cindy Crawford and Marie Claire magazine for this photo which must have been hidden in some drawer like it was shameful. It seems the photo ONLY saw the light of day because someone leaked it… meaning other folks from the magazine or the photographer or perhaps even Cindy herself thought it wasn’t worthy of being seen. THAT is the part that’s shameful. Marie Claire isn’t denying the picture. It came out with a statement calling Cindy and the photo “a body that defies expectations — it is real, it is honest, and it is gorgeous.” So WHY was it never seen. Why do we hide true beauty. Why do we place so much emphasis on perfection and deny the true perfection right there in front of us. What type of message does that send to my kids… and my wife. Explain THAT to me and then explain why everyone is rallying around the beauty of this photo as opposed to protesting the photo might have ever been shelved to begin with.

I know many women who aren’t super models. I know many women who look their age and look their life experience and that is just perfect. Tiger Stripes I’ve heard the marks called. FINALLY Cindy is showing her tiger stripes but ONLY because someone outed the photo… Now she REALLY has a chance to roar and be a true spokesmodel for women and young girls


Note: after this post was written there are now questions if the “unretouched photo” was actually photoshopped to appear “unretouched”.. stay tuned


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3 Responses to A Guy’s Take On The Cindy Crawford Photo

  1. I don’t know the photo you are talking about (I did consider googling it but thought my reply didn’t rely on knowing the image), but I agree with your post, why hide a photo of a women away in the first place? all too often magazines want unobtainable beauty (well someone’s idea of beauty at least) and the create a world where people (usually girls but not always) end up suffering from self esteem issues or worse eating disorders all because the images they see are not real.

  2. Laurie Free says:

    I agree 100 percent as an anorexia survivor it’s ridiculous.

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