Dadmissions: The Squeegee

I don’t know how it all started. One day a long time ago I got into the habit of washing the kids’ windows at the gas station while we filled up and while they waited in the car. I’d take the squeegee… walk up to the window… knock… and then when they looked up… BAMM… I’d blast the window with a huge rush of water from the squeegee. They’d always go crazy with laughter. Knock. Blast. Laugh. Squeegee.

Today we went to fill up the car. Once again, I got out and got the squeegee and blasted their windows with water like all the other times before. Then I did it again. I made water hearts on the window. I made water fart noises with the squeegee blade like the fingers on the chalk board sound. But this story then takes a twist because the girls surprised ME. They teamed up. They got out of the car. They grabbed ANOTHER squeegee. Then THEY did it too. Blast. Laugh. Squeegee. Pretty soon we were all blasting the car and each other with squeegee water in the middle of the gas pump area while other people looked on in amusement.

One kid squeegeed the hood. One squeegeed the back. We squeegeed the inside windows… and the outside windows. Each time with a thunderous blast of water… and then the ninja skills of precision with that little rubber blade that scrapes off the water. We went crazy and by the time we were done it looked like the kids had been to a mini water park. They laughed all the way to school. And then I realized. Somewhere, in the security cameras the stations always have trained on the gas pumps, somewhere at the ARCO station on Fair Oaks in South Pasadena, there is priceless video of a dad and two girls. Knock. Blast. Laugh. Squeegee.



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2 Responses to Dadmissions: The Squeegee

  1. jdawgswords says:

    oh the precious memories…

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