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His Name Is Oren Miller

Did you ever have one of those people… one of those people that has affected your life… even if you’ve never met them in person. Oren Miller is one of those people to me. Over the past several years, many … Continue reading

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A Guy’s Take On The Cindy Crawford Photo

I know what you might be thinking. What right does a guy have to be writing about Cindy Crawford’s picture anyway. I haven’t given birth. I certainly haven’t carried a child around in my stomach for months. None of us … Continue reading

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Dadmissions: The Puddle

What is it about kids and water.. They love love love to jump in it and play in it. So when my nephew made a run for the water puddle, I went in for the zone defense. He kept trying … Continue reading

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Dadmissions: The Squeegee

I don’t know how it all started. One day a long time ago I got into the habit of washing the kids’ windows at the gas station while we filled up and while they waited in the car. I’d take … Continue reading

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Dadmissions: Happy Alive Day

Amid the usual allotment of cat memes, inspirational quotes, and political chatter, it was only ONE post that really caught my eye… my longtime friend Roxanne posting “Happy Alive Day” to her husband Mike. Roxanne and I knew each other … Continue reading

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