Dadmissions: This Is What I Told My Sons

On a chilly morning we went to the park to toss around a baseball. That’s what we do. That’s our thing. The three of us fan out across the diamond and throw back and forth. After a while we went across the street for ice cream.. just me and the boys and our cookies N cream.

As we ate ice cream we watched a dad with a couple of little girls walk in… girls around the same age as them. And we got to talking the boys and myself. I told them I know they might not like them now.. but one day.. they’ll think girls are pretty cool. And I told them it’s important above all to respect those girls. Don’t talk down to them. Don’t demean them. Never, ever dare put a harmful hand on them. I told them the girls can do anything they can. They are the future women of the world: they are just as smart.. they are just as athletic.. they are just as strong. They can be a President or an astronaut or a Fortune 500 CEO just like the boys. They are beautiful but don’t need to be defined by their beauty. They are pretty incredible. Conclusion: Girls rule. Boys drool.

OK I didn’t say that last part. Actually I need to confess. I didn’t say any of it. Truthfully, I don’t have boys. None. Zero. I have two girls. I’m the dad with those other girls who walked in. But I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have sons and what I would say to them. And interestingly, the things I would want to teach my boys about girls are the things I’ve learned and embraced and realized in the process of raising my own girls. It’s a conversation I’m already having with my daughters … and continue to have with them every day. By the way, girls play catch too. And they know never to let a boy dictate who she is or how she should feel or why she is going to be a superstar one day in whatever path she chooses.



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7 Responses to Dadmissions: This Is What I Told My Sons

  1. My husband is also the dad to two girls, but I wonder sometimes what he would say or do if they were boys not girls when it came to this. Although, secretly I think he is just as happy as it will most likely be me having the talk someday and he will be spared this task.

  2. Gary Mathews says:

    Great post, remends me of conversations I have with my seven year old daughter.

  3. As a dad of two boys I say pretty much that, except I also remind them that while girls are amazing so are they, as boys. I also have a girl so she knows all this too 🙂

  4. I have two boys. We talk about respecting others and that sort of thing but rarely do we specifically mention girls.

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