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Dadmissions: The Sibling I Can Be

Today I will take my place as the sibling I can be We’ve come a long way since the little red house on Leo Road a brother and sister seemingly born to brawl from the start But today I will … Continue reading

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Daddy, Why Does This Nutcracker Crack Nuts With Her Boobs?

We were taking a stroll down Holiday Lane… you know… the section of the store where they have all the Christmas trees and ornaments. While I pressed the buttons getting all the stuffed animals to sing in concert, the kids … Continue reading

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Dadmissions: The Kardashianization of Society

The Kardashianization of our society could derail the self confidence of a whole generation of girls. It’s THAT serious. We have spent so much time recently talking about broad backsides and exaggerated assets and oiled-up photo shoots. We have prized … Continue reading

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Dadmissions: Sorry, but I’m NOT saying sorry anymore

How many times do you say “sorry” each day?? And I’m not just talking about the word. A study from 2011 found some folks say sorry up to eight times a day. That’s probably a huge understatement. Skip the word … Continue reading

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Brothers In Arms (A Memorial Day Tribute)

Each weekend when my sister and I were little kids, we’d make the drive with our parents to my grandmother’s house on Boulevard Terrace in Brighton. My dad would take us along Boston’s VFW Parkway which was a tree lined … Continue reading

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Dadmissions: 48 Hours To Reconnect With My Family

48 hours to reconnect with my family I work nights and my wife works days. She’s up super early in the morning. I’m up super late at night. It’s cliche to say we’re two ships passing in the night. And … Continue reading

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Dadmissions: Halloween Candy, The Aftermath

Halloween candy the aftermath: You know how Milk Duds come in the little boxes… you eat a box of those first… THAT becomes your wrapper trash can… NEXT you eat your favorite wrapper candies… Then you crumple the wrappers and … Continue reading

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