Dadmissions: The Note For My Wife

I did it up good. I washed the dishes and folded the laundry and cleaned the cushions and washed the floors and made the beds and cleaned the bathroom and even cleaned out the freakin fridge. Hell yes, I worked up a sweat. I then went to the store and picked up the nicest bottle of wine I could find, cheese and crackers, and a bunch of sunflowers. I brought it all back to the house and left the wine to chill. I put sunflowers in vases across the house- the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, the living room. Oh and I left this note for my wife. I told her I hoped she’d had a nice day. I told her to relax that there was wine in the fridge along with cheese and crackers. I told her I had cleaned the house just for her. Then I got my stuff and left for work. I knew at some point she’d come home to find the surprise. She was happy. She was shocked. I think I made her night.


So I shared the note online and the bombardment of comments began. One guy joked I had ruined it for men everywhere. I took it as a compliment. Other women wanted to marry me. I took that as a compliment too. Still others wondered what I had done wrong in the first place that I felt I had to pour it on so thick. Truth is, I hadn’t done anything wrong… and I wasn’t angling for anything if you believe me. I just decided to do something nice for once. One person questioned why I had to leave a note telling my wife of all I had done when people who are homemakers do the same things every day with no accolades and no “parade” as she put it. “We get a parade too??” I replied to her. The comments kept coming. Some folks hoped their husbands would take a lesson from me. Others gave me the thumbs up. . One person wondered if my wife always “bitched” about things forcing me to feel like I had to do something nice. No she didn’t. And doesn’t. Someone else wrote “bow chicka wow wow”… maybe… but that’s not why I did it. Still others said it was such a sexist thing that guys think the world should stop because they did some chores around the house. Screw the chores. I left wine and sunflowers. It took a little thought. I was proud of myself. I never expected such a wide-ranging reaction from a simple note.

You know what? At the end of the day I got off my butt for once and did something really nice for the wife. It made me feel good to do it. And when she cracks open that bottle of wine and enjoys a nice glass while taking a bubble bath with the new soaps I left her, it’ll be a good feeling. Maybe THAT alone is good enough once in a while. And if it leads us to put the “do not disturb” sign on the door… well… don’t disturb us.

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7 Responses to Dadmissions: The Note For My Wife

  1. All I’ll say is… you’re doing it right. SOmetimes you do something not because you’ll get something out of it or you’re making up for something or she expressed some need… Sometimes you just do something nice to do something nice, because making the other person feel good makes you feel good… and that is the most beautiful expression of love there is.
    It might be putting it a bit high to say it restores my faith in humanity to read this, but it wouldn’t be putting it high to say it made me smile. Good luck, to both of you.

  2. I think it’s sad that a simple act of kindness to one’s spouse is so suspicious. It doesn’t speak well of our society. Marriage is hard, but things like this take a lot of the difficulty out of it.

  3. Mary Alejandro says:

    I think that what you did was a wonderful thought. Your best friend and mother of your children gets to relax because of your thoughtfulness. Keep the surprises coming. Awesome. More should be like you. I am fortunate to have one like you minie the flowers and wine. But the thought counts.

  4. Naomi says:

    It’s always good to do something special for your spouse from time to time. I bet your wife felt super special to come home to a clean house and a treat.

  5. Dana says:

    people are ridiculous… Thank you for thinking of your wife and loving her. I am sure she absolutely loved the work you put in, and the wine you chilled:). Thank you for being a MAN!

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