Dadmissions: Let’s Just Cancel Father’s Day

Father’s Day can’t compete with Mother’s Day. We are the second banana. We are the afterthought. We are the socks and ties to the flowers and chocolates. We are what happens in June after everyone blows their budgets and creativity in May… Don’t believe me? Think I’m just a whiner? According to one study, in 2012 Americans spent 14.6 billion dollars to celebrate Mother’s Day… That number was 9.4 billion for dad. While Mother’s Day became a national thing in 1914… Father’s Day didn’t become a national thing until 1972… some 50 year later. The founder of Mother’s Day once said it was a day to honor “the person who has done MORE for you than anyone in the world”. The founder of Father’s Day said “awww hell shouldn’t we have a day for dad too? (*quote may or may not be made up)

And I get it.

There’s something about mom. I don’t know what it is. The maternal bond of knowing that she carried you for nine months and grew you and nourished you and then gave birth to you. She pushed you out of an orifice
in an ancient ritual that is clearly deserving of love and adoration and flowers and brunch. She then cuddled you and fed you and nourished you some more and for all intent and purpose she gave you life. Dad doesn’t quite hold a candle to that can he.. or does he.

Let’s just cancel Father’s Day.

Or Maybe not. Once you were there in the world, dad could really shine alongside mom. Dad could equally be a provider and protector and role model too. Just like mom. I admit it. I couldn’t possibly squeeze the kids out of my nether regions… and it would be quite ugly if I could… but it doesn’t mean I love the kids any less than mom. I admit it. Some dads are dogs and have flaked on their responsibilities. That’s not me. That’s not most of us. I will be there for them when they need me to be (and when they don’t). I will be there for them to help guide them and teach them. I will be there for them just like mom. I will be their confidant when they need one. I will be their shoulder to cry on too. One day I will be there to walk my girls down the aisle if they choose. Dad and mom are in this together.

So on this Father’s Day.. When one company is offering tools for dads… and another company is advertising shirts and ties and every other stereotypical dad gift.. remember dad with equal love to mom. Father’s Day shouldn’t be the day when you run to the store the night before. It shouldn’t be the day to cash in your creativity and go right for the shirt or the tie or the golf tees. It should be a day to truly honor the dad in your life.. the OTHER person who helped give you life. We want to know you love us. We want to know you appreciate us. We want to know we’re doing a good job at this whole dad thing… just as good as mom. Don’t hate me because I don’t have the birthing stretch marks. I have plenty of hair loss from worrying about the kids instead. Father’s Day doesn’t have to be an afterthought.

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