Dadmissions: My Sister’s Getting Married (so I gave her fiancé this in-depth quiz)

This week my sister announced she and her fiancé are getting hitched. I wanted to officially welcome him to the family. I wanted to officially say we’re happy to have him. So I gave him this in-depth quiz complete with essay portion and drawing section. How well did he know my sister… I wanted to know. I told him it would be graded… maybe :). And we’re still at the stage where I don’t know if he knows whether I’m joking or not… So I know he is diligently working on his answers.

Rachel’s favorite place to get ice cream is nicknamed:
A) Cridge
B) Fridge
C) Bridge

Rachel once dubbed the chocolate fondu dessert at the Melting Pot
A) evil food
B) devils food
C) good eatin’

True or False: a sailor in Montreal once put the moves on our mom on a trip with Rachel and myself

True or False: for years, Rachel wore a curved SPOON as a bracelet around her wrist

Rachel once lived in a house off campus at Brandeis University with the name of this famous designer
A) Marciano House
B) Gucci House
C) Levi Strauss Hause

Rachel once met this member of the Grateful Dead
A) Simon Le Bon
B) George Michael
C) Bob Dylan
D) I know this is a trick question designed to test my music cred

True or False: Rachel once hung out with Stevie Wonder and cried like a baby out of happiness

True or False: Rachel once played a radio game show dubbed “Elevator From Hell”

Our dad used to take the family on rides to nowhere dubbed:
A) discovery rides
B) investigation rides
C) exploratory rides

This restaurant has rolls that Rachel may love just as much as life itself
A) Bertuccis
B) TGI Fridays
C) Applebee’s

At Cheesecake Factory, they know Rachel uses THIS salad dressing as the perfect bread dipping sauce
A) Italian
B) thousand island
C) ranch

Rachel and I got penny candy as kids from this great store called
A) Candy Paradise
B) Candy Delite
C) Candy Candy Candy

Rachel used to collect
A) stickers
B) trolls
C) beanie babies

Our babysitter once convinced Rachel the babysitter was related to what 1980’s pop culture celebrity and would get her an autograph if she behaved:
A) Ricky Schroeder
B) Michael J Fox
C) Scott Baio

This famous singer made an appearance at my sister’s college graduation
A) Barbra Streisand
B) Liza Minelli
C) Whitney Houston

Rachel’s first concert was
A) Cyndi Lauper/ Sheila E
B) Beach Boys/ Chicago
C) Allman Bros/ Steve Miller

Before there was Diet Coke, Rachel’s allegiance was to:
A) Moxie
B) YooHoo
C) lets never speak of a time before her Diet Coke existed

Rachel once had a pizza party for her birthday at
A) Papa Johns
B) Papa Gino’s
C) Papa’s Pizza

When I got my tonsils out, my parents bribed me with THIS video game that Rachel re-bought me later in life
A) Centipede
B) Space Invaders
C) Galaxian

We once had a teacher who doubled as a summertime bartender at
A) Town Spa
B) Pizzeria UNO
C) Franca’s Brick Oven Pizza

The initials of Rachel’s Latin teacher in high school were
C) she took Latin?

True or False: our swing set saved our home during a hurricane when a tree fell down which would have crushed the house were it not for the 50,000 tons of cement our dad had used on the swing set

True or False: Rachel’s brother once had to collect money for all her Girl Scout cookies because she was sick and couldn’t do it

One of Rachel’s best friends growing up was
A) Julianna
B) Arianna
C) Angelina

That friend’s mom made these Italian treats for us
A) pizzelles
B) cannollis
C) manicottis

The following was NOT the nickname of one of our old cars growing up
A) New blue
B) Big red
C) Mellow Yellow

We had a truck in the family named
A) Joey
B) Jimmy
C) Johnny

Rachel went to an awesome orthodontist as a kid who played MTV and movies called
A) Mr Toothy
B) The Brace Place
C) Metal Mouth

When Rachel finished her term as USY president she played this Beatles song to the crowd:
A) In My Life
B) The Long And Winding Road
C) Hey Jude

Which one of these was NEVER a job Rachel held
A) college music label rep
B) kitchen staff for campers
C) Victoria’s Secret clerk
D) school librarian

True or False: our dad once got paid for a job in live lobsters and brought home a dozen huge, live lobsters straight from the dock to our house in the middle of the night

True or False: Rachel once named a lobster we were going to cook and then felt guilty about cooking it

Rachel got an autographed photo from THIS 1980’s sitcom star
A) Ron Pallilo- Welcome Back Cotter
B) Janet Jackson- Good Times
C) Scott Valentine- Family Ties

We had a teacher who was about 350 years old who would sub for us in school named Mrs Freuder… But her nickname was
A) frog-face
B) cruella de Freuder
C) monster momma

which of the following would most likely describe the snack offerings at our parents’ 1970’s house parties
A) hummus and pita chips
B) Planter’s nuts & Port Wine Chz
C) fruit and vege tray

double points:
In 50 words or less, please describe your intentions for life with my sister using this handy MadLib form

I find Rachel to be the most (adjective) person I have ever met. Her best trait is her (noun). When I see her (nouns) my eyes light up. During our life together I hope to (verb) as a couple and to be a good (noun) and (noun).

extra credit:
draw a picture of your ideal family evening at home with Rachel and keep it clean

In closing, I’d welcome the chance to walk Rachel down the aisle to you if the offer is still open and we wish you great times ahead



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4 Responses to Dadmissions: My Sister’s Getting Married (so I gave her fiancé this in-depth quiz)

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow! Yeah! Congrats And good luck to groom to be 🙂 💝👍

  2. kathyradigan says:

    This is so sweet! Sending congratulations to you and of course your sister!!

  3. darla obi says:

    You know your sister well. I hope you will post the answers. Best wishes 😃

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