Dadmissions: The Drifters

I literally walked into my own Highway to Heaven episode today when two drifters came to the door out of the blue. OK maybe I’m dating myself with the show reference but you young folks can find it on YouTube. I don’t like to say I profile but once in a while I have to admit it’s true.

So when the guy came to the door with tattoos across his chest saying he noticed our car needed body work I was skeptical. Yes, we had been in an accident recently and we were dragging our feet on repairs. He came around and he and his friend quoted us a price. He said “all I ask for is a drink”.. and we looked at him with quizzical expressions. And he specified “only water no alcohol for me I’m a good Christian man”… So now I am sad to say that I am 100 percent sure he must be an ex-con or a twelve stepper (profiling again). I do drink. I’m not Christian. I try to be a good man. We didn’t have much in common.

He prepared to do work on the car and I got two glasses of water for he and his friend… and I covertly took my checkbook out of the car sure that they would probably steal things when I least expected it. Half an hour later and he had already fixed the door latch and the window.. He quoted us a very reasonable price for that part of the project.. I didn’t want to write him a check sure that he’d empty my bank accounts (profiling again)..

So I offered to pay half and then go to the bank and return with the other half. He said he and his friend would follow me to the bank since they were going home anyway. Now again I am assuming this is where I will probably get jumped or killed by the guy with tattoos who doesn’t drink who just happened by our house (profiling again).

So I left the kids at home with their aunt.. and the wife and I went to the bank so there’d be witnesses. And we went to the ATM. And they stayed right in the car. And we gave them the money. And they didn’t kill us. Or harm us. Or even say a bad word. In fact they said “we appreciate the work, thank you“. And then they wrote down their phone number in case we want them to come back and do more of the body work on the car. And they left on their way. And we got back in our car. And I felt like a total heel. And we went home with the car door working for the first time in weeks.

Now this is where Michael Landon used to come out in Highway To Heaven with the moral of the story and the music playing (google it)… but I didn’t need him to tell me I had been wrong… very wrong. On this day, two drifters taught me a lesson… I won’t forget.


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