Dadmissions: Memorial Day Forgotten

On this Memorial Day weekend I am reminded of what the holiday is truly all about…

Harry & David says it’s a time to delight in a mix of sweet treats and savory snacks

Godiva says it’s a time to stock up on chocolate and save 40% in the process… Chocolate is good all the time so why not now

AYSO soccer suggested I “celebrate” Memorial Day with up to 70% off soccer supplies… A day with Memorial in the title never seems like much of a celebration so this was refreshing

There was Sears which offered three days of Memorial Day sales and values and even the promo code “memorial 35” as a fitting salute


The promo code king was Zazzle.. I don’t know what they sell but I got their email and check out THEIR promo code “land of da free”. Nice Zazzle.


Best Buy and Crate and Barrel both sent me their Memorial Day sales too


Wine.Com offered a Memorial Day weekend sale with up to 50% off on all your wine supplies


Target offered me Memorial Day savings but at least I guess they showed a very stylish girl holding an American flag in tribute to fashionable deals


M&M’s offered me discounts too and they gave me a candy Uncle Sam to tell me what a great deal they have.


I got ads for suits and kids clothes and vacations and more. I heard one car ad on the radio where a little girl stated “dad says Memorial Day is another day to be able to go car shopping”. By now you’ve figured out where I’m going with this. Memorial Day is a federal holiday to recognize the men and women who died while serving in the branches of our armed forces. Surely it’s more than barbecues and chocolate and washing machines and soccer supplies. Yes it has become known as the unofficial beginning of summer but let’s not forget it is so much more… Thank you to the troops. Find me on Facebook at dadmissionsthebook.



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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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3 Responses to Dadmissions: Memorial Day Forgotten

  1. You knew it would come to this with Memorial Day, right? After all, this is America, the land where we transform EVERY holiday into a materialistic grab. Christmas is about Santa. Easter is about eggs and chocolate bunnies. Thanksgiving is about turkey, football and Black Friday. Not even Mother’s Day or Father’s Day escapes. Independence Day? Fireworks and beer.

  2. kathyradigan says:

    Thanks for a great piece! I could not agree with you more.

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