Dadmissions: A Jewish Dad’s Daughter Is Welcomed Into The Church

The day started with our daughter opening up the small jewelry box we had gotten her, revealing what was hidden inside. Today is a big deal for her and we wanted to make it special. The girls bought new dresses. Dad even bought a new suit and looked pretty damn good (humble too). My wife and the girls went to get their hair done all fancy. Today was a milestone day. We all knew it. It was the day one Jewish dad’s daughter was being accepted as a member of the Catholic Church.

It’s no secret we have a mixed marriage of cultures and religion in our home. My wife and I have always vowed to let the kids believe what they want and when they want. My oldest daughter has put her faith in the church and that’s OK. Months ago she came to us and asked about attending Sunday school. She learned about the ways of the church. She prepared and studied. Today was a graduation of sorts, the day she officially became a member of the church community.

Am I apprehensive? No. Am I conflicted? No. We gave our daughter the road map and she is charting her own course. So I followed her to the front of the church leading the way in her little white dress and veil. She took the wafer. Then she drank the wine. I’m guessing church wine tastes a lot like manischewitz wine because she winced a little. I followed behind and the priest even threw a blessing my way… I’ll take it. All the while I knew I had just watched my gal cross another bridge.

Long ago when the wife and I got married, we hung a traditional Jewish wedding certificate in our home. It was tailor made for a couple with mixed religions. In it, we promised to “establish a home for ourselves and our children shared by our respective heritages … a loving home dedicated to peace, hope, and respect for all people”.. Today our daughter opened the small jewelry box we had gotten her.. to reveal the small chain, and a little silver dove.



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5 Responses to Dadmissions: A Jewish Dad’s Daughter Is Welcomed Into The Church

  1. TheJackB says:

    Would you give your daughter a choice about whether to go to school or not.

  2. She looks beautiful!!!

  3. This is beautiful, as is your daughter. My mom and step dad married and I then started my journey in the Catholic Church at the age of 8…my parents were more of the “go to church, build foundation” type parents. I had all my sacraments in the Church, except my marriage…by that time I had grown up and forged my own path with God. But, I am thankful for my parents for helping me build that foundation and I have done that with my own children. My son, who is 21, has choosen his own path and the Teen (14) girl is still looking for her path, but I am happy knowing that they do believe in God/higher power. I admire how you let your daughter make her own choice with this. 🙂

  4. Mary says:

    The best thing about “choices” in America… is that you have one. I wasn’t forced into religion even tho all my friends/family were. I was given a choice by my father and because I had that freedome as a young adult I grew to revel in my faith.

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