Dadmissions: All Those Top 10 Lists

It’s fine if you have a message to share nowadays but if the message doesn’t fit into a countdown or top ten list then you’ve got nothing. This is the era of the list. Your message can get liked and shared and posted and reposted but oftentimes only if it’s packaged in a nice little top ten list. So without further ado, dadmissions presents the top ten things about all those online lists you need to know.

#10 be honest, only about five of the things you’ll read are REALLY worth it and the rest is just filler because things sound better in ten so you better have ten things to list

#9 of the top things listed, several restate the same point you wanted to make with only slight deviations because really only about half the list is worthwhile as I said.

#8 a slide show of stock photos can often provide the visual candy to make the countdown that much more tasty even if the slide show is only slightly connected to what you are actually talking about. Cue the swimsuit models or cute baby photos or hot firefighters.

#7 name dropping can help bring your countdown to life by connecting with more people. I was just telling that to Johnny Depp and Adam Levine and Moms Who Drink And Swear the other day.

#6 a punchy headline can get people to click on your list even if the list isn’t so worthwhile for instance “top ten beefcake husbands who also do all the chores”. That would be a fictitious list of course, but a list that folks would probably click on

#5 throw some opinions in the list like I just did in #6 so people can now be fired up about whether beefcake husbands REALLY do housework. I think they do. But maybe they don’t. discuss.

#4 by this time in the list… the authors are really starting to stretch to fill…….

#3 by this time in the list… the authors are really really starting to stretch to fill….

#2 you’ve made it this far so as an author we’ve totally hooked you and as a reader you know you’ve been sucked in even if this is a sucky sequel like Sex And The City Two… at the movies… you have to finish it up because everyone loves a train wreck

#1 this is the pinnacle… the verbal climax… the oh my god I DID it part of the list. It is the one and only point that needed to be made all along but in this case it sucked you into nine other points just in case. And the final point about lists is this: most lists just aren’t worth it and should be narrowed down to one important sentence. The end.


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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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