Dadmissions: The Swayze

I sat there looking into my iPhone trying to get the perfect pose. I raised an eyebrow… I tried a seductive squint… I tried a slight smirk. I raised an eyebrow with a seductive squint and a slight smirk at the same time. I was trying to do the Swayze. You know the Swayze.. You know at the end of Dirty Dancing when he signals Baby with the “we’re gonna do the lift right here right now, and then we’re gonna make mad passionate love after the credits roll whether your dad likes it or not”… yeh THAT look.


So I stared into the iPhone again. I tried to squint. I tried to smirk. I tried to be as seductive as hell. But as much as I squinted and stared and smiled and smirked, I couldn’t get the look right. I’d get the lift part but not the mad, passionate look part. I practiced the finger. I practiced the “come here baby” finger. Women I spoke with online said if I could only perfect the look then I was golden. So I tried and tried. I tried my best to channel my inner Patrick Swayze. I tried to channel my inner Johnny if Johnny had graying hair and some weight to lose. I wanted to make the crowd at Kellerman’s proud. I strained and stared and smiled and smirked and tried to get that pose right so I could surprise my wife and then ravage her (or watch Netflix). And then it happened. She caught me staring into the iPhone and she asked me WHAT I was doing. And I told her I was practicing the Swayze. And she told me not to embarrass myself. So I wrote a blog and took pictures. And it was done. For tonight. Until next time Swayze. I’ll get that look yet. Mark my words. Nobody puts Dadmissions in the corner.




Go ahead and show me your best Swayze and find me on Facebook at dadmissionsthebook


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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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5 Responses to Dadmissions: The Swayze

  1. Mema says:

    This is hilarious. For the life of me, I couldn’t perfect that “baby” look. Y’know the one… The “innocent-little-girl-turned-vixen-going-against-her-daddy’s-wishes-and-putting-on-hot-pink-lipstick-standing-on-a-Hampton-bridge”. I’ve tried a bazillion times to have that perfect look and the closest I came was a cross between a puffer-fish and Dramatic chipmunk. Yeah, not a good look. Great post!

  2. My husband has it down, he could teach you. He says you have to put your head down put then look up with your eyes, think about having sex and then smile. LOL I hope this helps.

  3. sun4flower says:

    Really, you don’t have to “get” the swayze. It’s the fact that you’re trying that counts.
    My favorite movie.
    Love this post.

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