Dadmissions: You’re Turning Six

some time ago I started writing birthday letters to my kids in hopes that one day they’ll look through them… little-A turns 6 this week… and THIS is her letter… Happy Birthday Little-A

A letter to my daughter on her 6th birthday:

I can’t believe you are turning six. Six represents so many things. A guitar has six strings and a honeycomb six sides too… both can be sweet to the senses just like you..

The number six represents M,N,O, on phones… rollover minutes are free… you can have your own phone when you turn six times three (do the math).

Beers come in a six pack… so does non-alcoholic root beer… not to worry… Dad strives for six pack abs with zero success I need the AB rocker in a hurry…

Six Flags is the theme park providing all the thrills and reaction… The original Rolling Stones had six players jamming all the riffs…even if they got no satisfaction.

A hexagon has six sides.. and so do dice… rolling double sixes is twice as nice.

They say there are six degrees of Kevin Bacon…even if it is rhyming hell: Julia Roberts was with Kevin Bacon in Flatliners… Joan Cusack was with Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride… And Molly Ringwald was with Joan Cusack in 16 Candles as well…

My point is this: “16 Candles” has a 6 in the title… but hold up what’s the worry… you’re still a kid and mom and dad are in no birthday hurry.

They say God made the world in six days and on the seventh he took a break. It’s hard work doing things in six… so now it’s time for some cake..

So enjoy this birthday as you light a candle for each year, the most important thing of all, remember mom and dad and big sister, we’ll always be there. Happy 6th birthday.



About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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2 Responses to Dadmissions: You’re Turning Six

  1. Rosa ayala says:

    Andreita eres brillante como una estrellita y siempre seras luz que nos iluminaras con tu gracia y belleza espiritual, gracias por existir, que Diosito te bendiga siempre.

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