Dadmissions: 26 reasons I love my wife (26 reasons I’m surprised she stays with me)

since I met my wife 20 years ago today, I thought it only appropriate to repost the list of my most annoying man habits and how I’m surprised the wife even stuck with me this long 🙂


When my wife and I got married we wrote our own vows. I carefully crafted mine on the morning of the wedding on that piece of cardboard which comes in the packages of new underwear. It was an A-Z list of reasons I love my wife. A lot has changed since then. So without further ado, I am relaunching an updated Dadmissions list 2.0:

Reasons I love my wife

A- axe body spray- my wife sticks with me even when I apply the axe body spray like a bug bomb fumigation in our bedroom. Not my fault- it’s supposed to be irresistable.

B- bat mitzvanera- my wife sticks with me even when I try to convince her we should one day combine the girls’ quinceaneras and their Bat Mitzvahs into one bat mitzvanera

C- cleanliness- my wife sticks with me despite the beard clippings in the sink, the razor I…

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