Dadmissions: I Love The 80’s So My Kids Know What Cool Really Was!

You can call it nostalgia. You can call it good parenting. Maybe it was just luck. But we were all sitting on the couch flipping through the TV channels and the kids landed on The Neverending Story. They were mesmerized. It’s not everyday the kids and I can connect with something from my childhood. They’re too busy with Littlest Pet Shop and Equestria Girls and the Wii and stuff from their own generation. But for whatever reason, they were hooked on 1984’s The Neverending Story just like I was when I was a kid. And it got me thinking. There are so many more things from when I was a kid that they NEED to know about. I’m not just saying this, but I think their lives will be hollow and meaningless and unfulfilled unless I can teach them about THESE important things from when you and I were kids as soon as possible.

A- Atari: these kids NEED to know about what started it all: PacMan and the joystick

B- Beepers: try texting on that thing when you need to find a phone to return the call

C- Cabbage Patch Kids: we had the original with the signature on the butt.

D- Double Dare: we could cover our parents in green slime to win cash and prizes

E- Electric Slide: back back back, clap, side, back back back, clap, side

F- Ferris Bueller: he was the king of the sick day and knew how to have a good time

G- Garbage Pail Kids: they were the gross cousins of the Cabbage Patch Kids
H- Hubba Bubba: the biggest bubble wins and this gum was the king

I- Ice Ice Baby. Need I say more? Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it.

J- Jiffy Pop: we could make popcorn by rubbing metal on fire until it exploded
K- Karate Kid: long before Will Smith’s kid, we had the original. Wax on. Wax off.

L- Life Cereal: sure you still have it now. But we had Mikey. And he liked it.

M- Morris The Cat: the original “grumpy cat” that needed his 9-Lives cat food image

N- Nintendo: the original bundled with Super Mario and Duck Hunt..

O- Oversized tops, stirrups, leg warmers, parachute pants- 80’s fashion ruled sort-of

P- Princess Bride: you need to see why they had fun storming the castle

Q- Qbert: special mention for this guy who bounced around the pyramid

R- Refrigerator Perry: he was a huge football player who still did the Super Bowl Shuffle

S- Speak N’ Spell: it taught us how to speak WITHOUT the words “twerk” or “selfie”

T- Teddy Ruxpin: it was a creepy yet loveable animated bear that talked to us
U- Underoos: boys and girls wore superhero underwear and it freakin’ rocked

V- videos: MTV used to play music accompanied by moving pictures.. It was wild

W- Walkman: the one and only.. kids, we could rewind a tape strapped to our arm

X- Xena Warrior Princess- she was Australian and lawless and could kill anyone

Y- Yoda: he was ours. All the Star Wars stuff started with us. Kids, use the force.
Z- Zebra Cakes: Little Debbie was a sugar slinging hot cake for all of us

Holy crap. There is so much the kids are missing out on. I need to get started teaching them as soon as possible. Cosby Show and the brat pack and Members Only jackets. It ALL started with us. Go ahead, what would YOU add to the list. Pass it around and find me on facebook at Dadmissionsthebook


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5 Responses to Dadmissions: I Love The 80’s So My Kids Know What Cool Really Was!

  1. Avi Locke says:

    Bed tents. Original
    Transformers. Legos – just the blocks and our imagination. Thundercats. He-man. TMNT.

  2. Jade Heasley says:

    “Jiffy Pop: we could make popcorn by rubbing metal on fire until it exploded” – what a great line! I started roaring! I loved this post. As a fellow 1980s Kid this was a truly enjoyable read.

  3. garym6059 says:

    GI Joe, The Real American Hero. Because you know, knowing is half the battle

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