Dadmissions: The Price is Right of Parenting

It came to me in a flash of brilliance. It came to me in a flash of creativity. It came to me in a brain fart but whatever. It came to me and that’s all that matters. We spend so much time having kids EARN allowance. We spend so much time REWARDING them for good behavior. Screw that. They SHOULD behave well. They SHOULD clean up their rooms without allowance being dangled in front of them. So come on down kids because this dad has figured out a way to parent like the Price Is Right.


You ever see the lucky-7 game? That’s the one where Bob Barker and now Drew Carey would give the contestant money UP FRONT and if they had a dollar left at the end of the game then they could keep the dollar and buy the car. Why do we all struggle with the kids so much to get them to listen and to behave and to do chores. So I told ’em the tables had turned. Lucky-7 the parenting version was born. We decided to give the kids fifteen dollars each UP FRONT on Sunday. Might seem like a lot for some little freeloaders. But like every good game show there’s a catch. They can’t spend the money till the next Saturday and each time they do battle with each other or us, each time they don’t listen or act out or misbehave, then we’re gonna take one of those dollars back. That’s fifteen dollars and we’ll see how much they have left at the end of the week.


OK maybe they’ll be left with nothing. And maybe I’ll find that Price is Right sound effect for the losers “ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaam”. Or maybe they’ll surprise me and end up with a few bucks. They won’t be able to buy a car but maybe they can buy a toy. It’s reverse rewarding. Why should we always work hard to reward the kids with allowance for crap they should be doing anyway because they’re part of the family and we raised ’em and mom squeezed em out of her nether regions and such. They SHOULD do that stuff. So now they get the money up front and we’ll see if they can keep it. C’mon down kids, you’re the next contestants on the Price is Right! Here’s your dollar bills and we’ll see if you can keep ’em. If this doesn’t work, I may set up a huge Plinko board for mom and dad to just dump their stuff out the window onto the front lawn. Until then, thanks for watching. Oh and don’t forget to have your pets spayed and neutered…



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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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2 Responses to Dadmissions: The Price is Right of Parenting

  1. Interesting concept. Curious to hear how it works out.
    How old are your children?

  2. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I have struggled with the “what do I get for doing it” question because I answer – NOTHING you’re a part of this family and we work together for the good of the family. Chores are a part of life. While I have a bit of OCD that combats with them making their beds not quite right, I’m learning to deal.

    With four spawn – I’m thinking $5 a week sounds pretty good. That’s where we’re going to start. And I like the idea of starting on a weekend!!!

    You . Are . Brilliant!

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