Dadmissions: The Ticket Roll

I was cleaning up the garage and I found the most amazing thing…my ticket roll.  Maybe it’s crazy, but I used to keep all my tickets and tape them together…and they used to line the walls of my room…I thought I had lost it forever but just found it in the darkest corner of the garage in a box that clearly hadn’t been opened since I moved from Boston ten years ago.  Among the tickets: Bob Dylan at Bentley, The Grateful Dead at the original Boston Garden, Blues Traveler, Pink Floyd, Pete Townsend, Ziggy Marley, The Verve, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails, tickets to things like Conan O’Brien in 1993 in NY, and the Donahue show where I asked a question to Katie Couric live on TV, concerts like REM, Melissa Etheridge, Lollapalooza, Foreigner, Elton John and Billy Joel, and that doesn’t include all the sporting events and other stuff I had totally forgotten about and compartmentalized deep inside my younger self… like it was a former life entirely… like the ticket stub from when I saw Shawshank Redemption in 1994.  THAT was on the roll too.  It all just came rushing back in the form of a roll of tickets stashed away in my garage thousands of miles from where I grew up…

About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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