Dadmissions: My Mother’s Final Stand

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month so Dadmissions is gonna get serious for a second. This blog was only posted once before.. truthfully because #1 who needs to air their dirty laundry and #2 I actually felt a little guilty afterwards about posting it. BUT, this is definitely what I was feeling on the day I wrote it…


It was my mother’s ultimate revenge. It was her final stand. It was HER declaration of independence. Even though my father had died in 1990 it took her years, so many years to finally get to that moment. In the final months of my mother’s life, as she made plans and preparations for her burial knowing her diagnosis wasn’t getting any better, she moved out. Literally. My mother bought another cemetery plot many towns away. She decided she didn’t want to spend eternity with my father and she wasn’t about to be pushed around any longer, even in the afterlife. So before she died in 2006, she packed up burial plans and moved out.

It was the culmination of her life and in many ways that of my sister and I. We grew up in an abusive home. There, I said it. It’s not something we talk about often. No…

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