Dadmissions: Saluting YOU This Labor Day

Labor Day was made a federal holiday in the US in 1894. All these years later, people are still toiling away hoping to achieve their piece of the American dream. Today, I salute ALL the folks who keep our country going. Feel free to add to the list. PS if you’re raising kids at home, you’re laboring just as much if not more than the rest of us too.
I salute all of these folks and many more:

Auto mechanics, air traffic controllers, assembly line workers
Barbers, bankers, bus drivers, bricklayers, bridge workers, baristas
Cabbies, cafeteria workers, cashiers, construction crews
Doctors, dentists, dishwashers
EMT’S, educators, electricians, engineers
Firefighters, fishermen, farmers, flight attendants
Gardeners, gas station clerks, geologists
Hard hats, housekeepers, home care assistants
Instrument makers, insurance agents,
Judges, jewelers, jockeys,
Kiss cam operators, KFC employees, Keebler elves (they work too)
Lifeguards, librarians, lawyers, lipstick makers
Military families- you have our thanks!, miners, musicians,
Nurses, news reporters, nutritionists, naturalists
Officers, optometrists,
Parents, pilots, pharmacists, postal workers, plumbers, preachers
Quiz makers, quiche makers, question and answer folks
Restaurant workers, rescue crews,
State employees, software developers, surgeons,
Teachers, Teachers, Teachers, and Teachers
Ushers, upholsterers, underwear models
Veterninarians, victims rights advocates,
Waiters, waitresses, welders,
X-ray technicians, xylophone makers, X-crossing sign makers
Yelp reviewers, yahoo employees, yellow mustard makers
Zoologists, zen masters, zipper makers


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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