Dadmissions: We Did It In Public.

You may say LOL or SMH but I say yippee or YPE. The wife and I crossed a new threshold of communication in the relationship today, one which could bring us closer, one which could mean more shared feelings, more intimate thoughts, more secrets.
Because today I admit it. She and I did it. In public. With the kids right there. We texted each other from just a foot away with the kids sitting right in between us.

Let’s face it. We’re parents. We can’t buy a private conversation to save ourselves. The house is small. The kids are always around. We work different schedules. The kids are always around. We hardly ever see each other. Oh did I mention the kids are always around. So today, when I wanted to ask the wife something, I pulled out my phone, I sent her a text, and then turned to her right beside me just a foot away, and told her I had sent her a text. She grabbed her phone. Scrolled down. And responded.

I wanted to know if we should take the kids to the movies. But I didn’t want to announce it out loud. And we never get time to talk alone. So I texted the question. And she texted the answer, a simple yes. Holy crap. We had a conversation out of earshot of the kids. We made a plan that they didn’t know about, that they couldn’t weigh in on, that they couldn’t protest if we decided to change. And it was a good thing, because several hours later we were tired, and we didn’t want to go to the movies. We changed our minds about the entire thing. But the beautiful part was the kids never knew. They didn’t know we were thinking about the movies in the first place so they weren’t upset when we changed our minds. It was a beautiful win win.

The texting brought the wife and I a little bit closer. And it didn’t involve me sending pictures of my twig and berries either. That’s entirely different. THIS was communication, modern, clean, simple, and incredibly effective at a time when the kids always seem to be a step ahead of us. So whether you LOL or SMH, I give it one big smiley face and a thumbs up. Sorry kids. Maybe we’ll go to the movies next time.

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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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5 Responses to Dadmissions: We Did It In Public.

  1. love it as always you make me laugh lol

  2. heather1274 says:

    Lol I have absolutely done that.
    And THEN get on my son for sending me a text from his bedroom!!!
    If you DO send her the twig and berries though, we may not need to know about that lol.

  3. heather1274 says:

    Bahahahaha I have done that myself!!!!!
    Then get after my son for texting me from his bedroom lol.
    Well done!
    Now, if you do send her the twig and berries, we probably don’t need to know about that!

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