Dadmissions: Our Night On The Town

It’s never good when you need to warn people ahead of time that everything turned out fine. “You need to know she’s going to be OK”. That means something horrific has happened and you’re about to tell me what it is. This is one of those stories. I need to tell you everyone is OK in the end.


It starts innocently enough with dad having this great idea to take his girls to the LA Sparks where they were hosting a special Dads and Daughters game for Father’s Day. The girls had never been to a big basketball game, and this one came with special t-shirts, cupcakes, and a chance to go on the court after the game. We were in! It was VIP treatment all the way. One thing. They ran out of T-shirts so we had to wait for T-shirts. This will come into play later so hang on. We got the wristbands. We went in to Staples Center. We were escorted right into a special Dads and Daughters cupcake party. There was music. There were prizes. It was a party! 5 year old Andreya had three or four cupcakes, little ones, so did her sister, and THEN it happened.


We were surrounded by dads and daughters. Everyone was having fun. The little one was running around in the special VIP suite. My Dad and Daughters night was headed for a major detour. Just then, the 5 year old took a right turn, right into the lip of a counter. Wham. I knew she was gonna cry. I knew she got bumped good. I had no idea what I was in for. She started to cry. I noticed a little blood on her lip. I went to grab her. She gushed blood all over me. Gushed blood. All over her. All over me. All over the floor in the middle of the Dads and Daughters cupcake party. All over. I grabbed her. I started to apply some pressure. Now I thought her nose was broken or worse. I whisked her away. We frantically asked where first aid was. The game hadn’t even started yet. They weren’t even set up yet. Towels were filled with blood as we sloshed our way to the EMT’s as they guided the way. She said she was scared. She said she couldn’t breathe well. All the while two thoughts are crossing my head.

#1 Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap. What just happened.
#2 The wife lets me enjoy one night out with the kids. One night. And I have only one mission which is to bring them home alive. Dear god. Can’t I even do THAT right.


We got to the EMT’s. I was covered in blood. She was covered in blood. Her mouth was full of blood. I put her down on the stretcher. The Staples Center people went into crisis mode. The EMT’s triaged the situation. They started to calm us all down. After several minutes, they got the bleeding to slow and eventually to stop. It turned out she hadn’t broken her nose. Thank god. She just did one of those things where you hit the nose just right and it bleeds out like a scene from one of the Saw movies. They spent half an hour cleaning her up. They spent another half an hour taking statements and information from us. They helped us try and clean ourselves up. I finally noticed that throughout the saga, my 5 year old had clutched her final red velvet cupcake through the entire ordeal. It was still in her bloody hand. We passed on that cupcake.

I asked my daughters if they still wanted to go to the game. They both said yes. Remember those T-shirts? Ours were now covered in blood. So the Sparks found two more for us. I told you the T-shirts would come in handy. We were in business. We got to our seats before the start of the game. Everyone was finally settled down. And then it happened. The wife texted me to ask how things were going. Holy crap. The radar must’ve went off. I texted back “Ummm”. That only piqued her suspicions more. I texted “Everything’s going to be just fine.” Eventually it was. We saw the game. The girls had a blast. They walked the court after the game. And one day, maybe they’ll forget the Dads and Daughters outing where one daughter bled her way through Staples Center after horrifying a bunch of kids at a cupcake party. Or, maybe they’ll NEVER forget that. And now I must confess to the wife about just what happened when dad got to take the kids on a big adventure. I know just how to start the conversation. “Honey, you need to know she’s going to be OK.”



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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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