Dadmissions: The Building Blocks

I remember going to Sharon Country Day nursery school in Sharon, MA with Mrs. Hershman. That’s what we called it back then. It was nursery school. The school was big and had lots of kids and lots of toys and lots of things to do. It felt like a huge new world. In reality, Mrs. Hershman ran the school out of the lower level of her home with a small playground in back and years of memories packed inside. I remember making my gray squirrel paper bag puppet and learning the gray squirrel song that went with it. I remember the crowns we got to wear on our birthdays. I remember learning about letters and sounds and animals. Nursery school provided the building blocks.

Today my 5 year old finished her last official day of preschool. That’s what they call it now. She’s spent the last couple of years playing like a champ, riding her trike in the trike yard, practicing writing her name, learning to read. When we got there today, she asked me if I wanted to build something with her. I got down on the floor and we grabbed the tiles and started to build a castle, with little triangles on top, and a little drawbridge on the outside, and a little alligator in front just because. We built and built and when it was time to go she gave me the tightest, best hug ever, and I knew we’d never have that preschool moment again. Preschool provided the building blocks.

Years from now, I wonder what she’ll remember from her time in preschool. I wonder if she’ll remember the time we spent building that castle on her last day of preschool. I will. In the meantime, the next milestone is right around the bend. We’ll be there taking her picture when she stands at the door with her lunch and backpack on the first day of kindergarten. The next set of building blocks are just beginning.


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