Dadmissions: Candy Land

My kids are make-believing themselves to death. They are so competitive now at 5 and 8 that even their playtime is turning into one upsmanship. Today they started battling over Candy Land. One took the game pieces. The other took the game board. One banished the other from the kingdom. The other named a new king and tried to splinter the kingdom. It got ugly like pitchforks and poison arrows. Who says Candy Land is sickeningly sweet. Today it was just making me sick to my stomach and all this castle warfare was driving me nuts. So I stepped in and stooped down and I raided the kingdom. That’s right. I overthrew the kids. Picture Game Of Thrones without the violence or sex or dragons. I told them I was establishing new boundaries to the kingdom and new royalty in the castle and new rules that everyone was allowed in the new Candy Land. I took the fun right out of make believe.

Let’s see how THAT floats their moat.

So one daughter then said the new Candy Land was filled with stinky trash and she wouldn’t want to live there anyway. The other daughter stepped on the box to the game. One daughter accused the other of stepping on the Lollipop Girls. I didn’t see anyone in the box but they did. One made a circle on the floor with game cards. One used the plastic game pieces and made pets with them. The other said OMG. They were trying to be annoying. But soon they forgot they were trying to annoy each other and turned their attention to trying to annoy me. They were working as a team to do it. All of a sudden, their disdain for each other was replaced with a disdain for me. Finally! They were working together and playing make-believe together.

I like to consider myself the king. The kids are just some free-loading jesters who like to sponge love and money off of mom and dad in the kingdom. On this day, I out make-believed them right into playing nicely with each other. In the place of Licorice Lagoons, Ice Palaces, and Cupcake Commons, it’s best these girls remember with mom and dad around just WHO the true kings in this castle are. Yes your majesty.


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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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One Response to Dadmissions: Candy Land

  1. hiddinsight says:

    My sweet tooth is itching. Candy attracts pirates. Hope your kingship doesn’t get plundered 🙂

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