Dadmissions: Be Kind Rewind

You see kids “Be Kind Rewind” was the slogan on the VHS tapes used in the VCR. Movies used to come on these magical black rectangle boxes that you’d rent at the video store. You’d have to rewind them to the beginning because someone would always return them without rewinding them. Then you’d sit there just waiting and waiting and waiting to watch the movie while a high pitched buzz from the VCR (the magical box playing machine) indicated the tape inside the box was being rewound. Finally it was movie time. It was always your second pick for a movie because the first one only had ten copies at the store and they’d always be rented already. Or maybe they were just empty boxes to make the shelves look fuller. Doesn’t matter. You always got the second pick. You’d watch the movie. You’d have to return the black rectangle box each day to avoid a late fee. You’d usually leave the movie in the car or on a table and forget about it for weeks until you could have actually bought a new copy of the movie or funded its production with all the late fees you owed. When you finally did find the movie and return the movie you’d do the walk of shame to the counter and they would announce the fees on the account. You’d rent another movie at the same time you paid the fees. And they’d ask you to be kind and rewind. It was the VHS circle of life.


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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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