Dadmissions: Meltdown-Away

Introducing Meltdown-Away! Engineered by NASA scientists and available to the public for the very first time. Meltdown-Away ensures your children will never meltdown at the end of a long day ever again. Just apply a thick layer of Meltdown-Away foam on your child at the very end of the day out, and prevent a kicking, screaming, shouting, feel-like-you’re-gonna-go-crazy meltdown before it begins. Meltdown-Away is engineered using the same material used to foam down the runway to prevent air disasters. In this case, you foam down the kids and freeze everything in motion and prevent the explosion before it starts. Meltdown-Away slows down their muscles, makes them drowsy, and offers a special dose of laughing gas for added good measure. Instead of that dreaded car ride home, the car ride can now be enjoyable and fun as your foamy children sit in the backseat laughing away. No more meltdowns. Ever again. Meltdown-Away is hypo-allergenic, won’t leave any mess, and comes in a convenient spray for a thick and even coat. Meltdown-Away costs 19.99 and for a limited amount of time we’ll send you a second can free. That’s two cans of Meltdown-Away for the unbelievable low price of 19.99 plus shipping and handling. Meltdown-Away. Foam down the kids and prevent a disaster. Here’s how to order:


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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One Response to Dadmissions: Meltdown-Away

  1. arianaisstillgrowing says:

    2 Cases. Please. And extra quick shipping. I”LL PAY ANYTHING!

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