Dadmissions: The Ultimate Break-Up Note

If this is Your Cheatin’ Heart then please don’t tell my Achy Breaky Heart because Two Hearts Beat As One and I just don’t think it’d understand. In fact, just Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart in the first place because then I’d really need to go Unbreak My Heart. And if there’s ever a Total Eclipse Of The Heart, and you take a Little Piece Of My Heart, and put it in a Heart-Shaped Box, I’ll be in the Heartbreak Hotel because I’d be the Owner Of A Lonely Heart. Because here’s the simple truth: a Heart Of Glass is a Fragile Heart and even if it’s a Heart Of Gold it can give me a Heartache Tonight which leaves me Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart. In the end, you sit there listening to Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band wondering How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. Here’s what I know: You’re a Cold-Hearted Snake. So, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around because when you’re playing’ with The Queen Of Hearts, you know it ain’t really smart. Trust in this: The Groove Is In The Heart and My Heart Will Go On and that’s a message Straight From The Heart.

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About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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