Dadmissions: Her Name Is Grace

Her name is Grace and she was born in March 1932. She talks up a storm and lives alone and loves to watch TV news. That’s how I first spoke with Grace. For years, she wanted to know the true story of her birth, of her parents, of where she came from. Grace spent a very long time looking into her own adoption and if it was possible, even if it seemed so improbable, that she could be the child of Bonnie as in “The” Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde. We worked with Grace on one news story several years ago and even though we couldn’t prove just who her birth parents were, I struck up a sort-of friendship with Grace. Every few months that phone will ring and I’ll see Grace’s name pop up and I’ll answer the phone and each time she says, “It’s Grace from Boron” as if it would be another wonderful older woman by the name of Grace who happened to have my cell phone number. Today, after quite some time, the phone rang again and it was Grace on the other side of the phone. She told me she’d been in a hospital a couple of times recently and had a heck of a tough time. She’s 81 now and proudly says she’s back home and on the mend. Grace wanted to call and tell me about the dog she’d adopted not long ago and how the dog had a bum leg and how a neighbor had built a little set of wheels for the dog. She told me how she’d written a thank you note for the people who had cared for that dog and she wanted to send it to the local paper. She thought it would make a good news story. Grace asked if I had the time to hear what she had written. I listened to what she wrote and I’m sure those folks will be thrilled when they hear it too. I asked if she had anyone looking after her in Boron and she said she had some family but they didn’t speak much anymore. It made it all the more important for me to take that call. I don’t know how many friends Grace has left or how many family members. But if this 81 year old wants to take the time out of her busy day to give me a call and ask how I’m doing, I’m gonna make time to take that call.


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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